DLNA – Nokia N95 Streaming Multimedia Content over Wifi

Here's a little follow up on my previous thoughts on how mobile devices could interact with devices in your home network. This video of Nokia shows how the uPNP DLNA compatible Nokia N95 is used as a Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS) by a game console and a TV screen to get pictures and music. Quite impressive!

6 thoughts on “DLNA – Nokia N95 Streaming Multimedia Content over Wifi”

  1. Make sure to check the video on youtube.com directly to get it in high quality, allows seeing more details on the N95.
    Thanks for sharing, it’s quite impressive.

  2. And what’s even more impressive is that this a standard feature on all current Nseries devices. Maybe there are some pieces missing from the puzzle since this has not taken off wide-spread.

  3. To have all that working you need to have Nokia software installed on the home PC to make the communication possible, right? This could be the missing piece from the puzzle why it’s not wide-spread.

    The best would be if once the N95 is coonected to the home network via WiFi, then you can browse to it (to the phone) from the home PC (perhaps via Network Neighbourhood) and have all that fancy stuff working without any need for special software on the PC.

    Just my thoughts…

  4. You shouldn’t need any additional Nokia softwares on you PC only some UPnP client. And like shown in the video you should be able to browse videos, images and music using any HW that is supporting UPnP (without any PC involved).

    The N95 uses standard UPnP protocols for the features shown above.

  5. Hi Tommi,

    The ‘only some UPnP client’ is the problem in the equation. I had a look and my Windows XP (non media edition) doesn’t have one. I also didn’t find one to download from Microsoft or somewhere else and my Media Player 11 also doesn’t seem to be persuaded to act as a UPnP client… A bit ahead of its time I am afraid 🙁


  6. Hi Dan,

    I completely agree, it should be browsable from a place users already know, such as the network neighborhood in the Explorer. Otherwise, nobody will bother.

    Thanks for commenting,

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