IMS Service Discovery and Sharing

Recently, while in the dentist’s waiting room I had a bit of time to read another article from the always very interesting Ericsson Review Magazine. In the 2/2008 issue there are lots of articles on IMS. In the article on delivering the optimal end-user experience, the authors describe that their IMS application environment allows to share with other users which IMS applications one is using. This way, one can not only see if it is possible to use a specific application to communicate with someone but it’s also possible to see which applications others are using and thus to discover new services. Kind of a viral marketing approach.

I haven’t read about this in any IMS articles so far and it strikes me as a good idea, not only for the IMS domain. From the article, it’s not quite clear if this is something proprietary of the Ericsson IMS client environment or something that was standardized in 3GPP or OMA. If this is part of an IMS standard and you know where to find it, please leave a note in the comment section.