Mobile Internet Access Cheaper Abroad Than At Home?

I wonder what will happen next year, when tariffs for data roaming will be capped at 1 euro per megabyte
which at current national pricing levels of many prepaid and postpaid contracts means that it might become cheaper to access the Internet from the mobile phone while traveling abroad than while at home!?

many operators now having competitive packages for mobile Internet access for as low as 9
euros for 15GB per month (3 Austria), many standard contracts or prepaid SIMs
still have very high mobile Internet charges attached to them. I wonder if that will change before/if the European ruling goes into effect in mid-2009. It would be a nice side effect.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Internet Access Cheaper Abroad Than At Home?”

  1. 3 Austria is really cheap. But it is 9 Euros for 3GB. 20 Euros for 15GB. Or I missed something. But still a very good Price.

  2. Hi Andreas,

    Indeed, a very good price but only if you subscribe to a special option. The majority of users, however, do not have tariffs like this activated.


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