Mysterious Mobile Web Surfing Slowdown In Orange’s Network

I've been in France over the past couple of weeks and during that time I've noticed that Opera Mini on my Nokia N95 behaves very slowly in Orange's 2G and 3G network. Over Wi-Fi at home everything was as snappy as ever. I changed between HTTP and Socket connection in the OperaMini settings but it didn't help much. At times, it took more than 10 seconds before the request for a new page was even processed. Web browsing on the PC on the other hand with a full web browser was fast as ever over their 3G network. So maybe it was just my imagination? No, it was not, I just returned to Germany and Opera Mini now reacts as fast as ever in T-Mobile's network. So what is going on, I am really puzzled!? I can't imagine Orange would specifically throttle OperaMini, as it's exactly the kind of program they should like for mobile web surfing, as it compresses the pages before downloading. A real mystery to me. Oh how I would like to connect a network analyzer to Orange's network to figure out where the packets get stuck. So hello, anyone from Orange, there's something wrong, please have a look, especially in the metro!