Vodafone works on Fixed and Mobile IPTV portal

Vodafone Germany is moving ahead with its plans to build a converged fixed and mobile network with a new converged IPTV offering. Movies and TV series can be watched either on a PC or on a mobile, and, according to the press release, it's possible to start viewing something on the mobile phone and then continue to view the rest on the PC when arriving at home.

In many countries IPTV over DSL or cable is now a standard offering of many DSL- or incumbent telecom companies, but this is the first offer I have heard of where fixed and mobile assets are combined and which has gone commercial.

This is of course a network based offering so it's relatively easy to bring to the mobile phone. Let's see if Vodafone also has something up their sleeves for the future to allow their mobile customers to access their multimedia content stored in their home network.