New Java JSR required for Touch Screens?

As a follow up to yesterday's post on touch I've been wondering if Java programs have any means today to make full use of a touch screen with existing JSRs available on mobile devices or if support of a new JSR is required for that? I've been browsing a bit trough the list of APIs of the Nokia 5800, but as a non-Java developer it doesn't tell me a lot. It would be good if programs such as OperaMini that are used on devices of a great number of different manufacturers would have the possibility of using a standardized API. Anyone out there aware of what is (already) available/possible?

4 thoughts on “New Java JSR required for Touch Screens?”

  1. The java Gmail client works fine on my 5800XM, with full touch support. There is even a software d-pad and a few keys that pops up on the bottom of the screen (seems to be separate from any S60 elements).

  2. Yes Martin, for MIDP Java ME, the API already supports such type of events. It is the implementation from bottom that needs to support the events; but again, pro grammatically, the APIs supports it.

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