About Open Innovation and External Input

A non-technical blog entry today addressing the question many have asked me before: Why am I running this blog?

Obviously, I like to write and I like to share stuff I have learnt or that I think about with other people. My thinking and learning, however, is not self contained, i.e. I don't just sit down in seclusion and wait for that light bulb over my head to light up. I am inspired by things I see, read and experience.

It's great, for example, to have full access to 3GPP standards, to the meeting reports, to the change requests, in short, to everything that goes on in standardization. If there's a doubt, these documents clear things up.

It's also the blogs out there on wireless topics that keep me thinking. By reading them, I challenge my thinking and end up with lots of "yes, and" or "yes, but" or "yes and what if" questions which lead to new insights, ideas, and often to new questions.

It's the people I meet at conferences such as ForumOxford, the Mobile World Congress, Mobile Mondays and others which equally challenge my thinking and give me new ideas, direct or indirect.

And last but not least, it's the books on mobile topics and which I sometimes review on this blog. All together, it's my personal open innovation.

So by writing this blog, I do not only have to clearly think things through before and while I write them down, but it's also about giving something back to the community from which I profit. So, thanks very much for reading this blog and especilly for your comments, both agreeing and disagreeing, they are a vital part of the process as well!

6 thoughts on “About Open Innovation and External Input”

  1. Thank you for this blog. It is a good source of information and good questions about the topics of my work and hobby. Thanks again for this blog 🙂

  2. Martin,

    I think that your blog is an inspiration for mobile world enthusiasts. I have even though about opening a blog myself, but i think that there still too much to learn for me.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    Best Regards!

  3. Hi Martin
    You are doing a great job. It helps us (speaking on others behalf as well, as I am sure they too would liek to say this) know what new things are coming up in Wireless world. I do take time to check on your blog every 2nd or 3rd day for new updates and it has always been informative.

    Just to mention in one of your recent posts I found link to your earlier post ‘FACH power consumption’ and I found it very informative beacuse we dont find such small in books or somewhere.

    Keep posting


  4. Martin,

    It has been very helpful to read your blog. I started to work in LTE area from last year. Since I found your blog, I read it everyday.

    I have found new topics and answers to my questions as well. From which I know that the knowledge and way of thinking as an engineer shall not be narrow.

    Thanks a lot and a lot and a lot… 🙂


  5. keep up the good work my friend 🙂 This blog is very useful. I totally agree on the open innovation thinking. kind rgds Ajit

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