Twitter for Instant Presentation Feedback

During the recent Future Technology Conference at the University of Oxford, I found a new personal application for Twitter:

Quite a number of people including me were twittering during the conference and either used a notebook or smartphone to virtually comment on the presentations and to seek the opinion of others. After my own presentation and Q&A session I noticed that the twittering during my session resulted in excellent feedback on my own presentation and served as a good starting point to engage people afterwards in the real world to continue the discussion.

Cool stuff!

2 thoughts on “Twitter for Instant Presentation Feedback”

  1. Web09 ( was the first conference I’ve attended in the “Age of Twitter” and it completely changed the experience for me. Tweets I posted resulted in several people (including presenters) seeking me out between sessions for conversation.

    As a presenter, it pays to be aware of the backchannel. The conversation about you will happen whether you’re paying attention or not!

  2. indeed .. and I shall blog about it as well since it was a great presentation.synergies with other speakers as well(william webb and ed candy) rgds Ajit

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