6 thoughts on “First Vodafone Femtocell User Review”

  1. Thanks for pointing out this great report.
    For the sake of clarity, the vodafone Femto is actually from Alcatel-Lucent collaborating with Sagem.
    It again demonstrate that it is not about technology but really about customer support, provisionning and services overall.
    I guess vodafone service will get better.

  2. Can I move the femtocell from one location to another. Is it possible for vodafone to detect the change in location?

  3. Hi,

    The femto can be moved to other locations within the UK and it is up to the customer to inform Vodafone in order to update their records (mainly for location based info provided to the emergency services). If the femto is taken to a different country this is detected by the IP address and it is blocked.

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