Mobile & Personal vs. PC & Shared

Observation of the Day: Yes, Tomi Ahonen is right when he says that one of the big advantages of mobile devices is that they are a personal device vs. PCs which are often shared between several persons. That doesn't only have an impact on applications and marketeers who want to target their ads to a specific group, the context in which Tomi used the statement, but also influences the behavior of person to person communication.

I have several friends, non-techies, families, etc. who share a single PC so when they go online in Skype or some other VoIP program on the PC, you never really know who will answer your call or who will read that IM. Yes, a PC can be used with several accounts but it seems most people do not use the feature. On the mobile, on the other hand, rarely someone else than the owner picks up or reads the IM or SMS.

An interesting difference.

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