Google Books and the Hardcopy on the Table

Book-search There are lots of political discussions around Google books these days but this short blog just focuses on a cool feature I just found. I've got lots of good books on wireless topics at home but when searching for a specific piece of information it often takes a long time to find it, even if I know in which book I could find the answer. So I usually turn to Google first to see what the search engine can come up with before I start flipping through and index or the table of contents of a book.

So one of these days I wanted to find out what the A1 event in LTE is all about. So I typed "LTE A1 event" into the Google search engine and one of the first entries in the result list was a book on Google books which had the answer. Google books gives me a page number and a preview of the page. In this particular case I had the book on the bookshelf already so I could go directly to the page and read the whole subsection on the topic. Excellent!