I Need Opera Mini for the N900

Yes, like many others, I am waiting for the release of the Nokia N900 and I have lots of good reasons for it. But there's one thing I really need on that device before I can use it: Opera Mini. True, in all the videos, the browser looks great. However, try using the browser with EDGE and frequent loss of signal. Quite a different experience under such circumstances.

I've used Opera Mini for years now and just under such circumstances, which happen more often than not when traveling, it really excels. But I am afraid that with the N900 we have to wait a bit for the browser as it is a Java ME application, an environment the N900 does not support (yet). So anyone heard of Java ME being added to the N900 software repository or Opera working on a port of their Mini for Maemo Linux?

4 thoughts on “I Need Opera Mini for the N900”

  1. I agree. It’s nice to have a proxy-based and client-based html solution. I’m wondering whether there might be a third-party proxy+compression service you could use. It wouldn’t be as good as using Opera Mini though. The alternative is to turn javascript and flash off and to stick to mobile versions of websites. Not the best solution but an option to consider. Alternatively, just take your old phone with you as back-up!

  2. Hi Steve,

    The browser is, next to email, the main app for me so the phone on which OperaMini runs will be my main phone. I wonder how I will still be using the N95…


  3. I don’t know about Opera, but Firefox’s mobile version (for which the biggest external contributor is rumored to be… Nokia) should probably help.

  4. I used to like Opera Mini as well. But in the last months, establishing a connection often takes very long with Opera Mini. And it also does not like changing from wireless lan to 2g/3G and back. Any idea or solution for that? (Using Nokia E71)

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