100% Compatible?

SFR has just told me in an unsolicited email advertisement that in case I go for their "generous" 3G USB stick offer, 100% of all computers are compatible. In the fine print, they say they have drivers for Windows and Macs. Hello, haven't you forgotten something? Yes, I am using Ubuntu Linux, I guess that's the 0% you've been missing… But good news for you, your stick looks like a Huawei E169 and that should run just fine under Ubuntu as well, there are not even drivers required for it…

4 thoughts on “100% Compatible?”

  1. yes 100% is not 100%

    i cannot get google toolbar on Mac or PC let alone get a device for OSs other than the two above.

    90/10 rule

  2. Technically I guess the driver is required but it is included in typical kernel images. The fact that the driver is installed by default doesn’t mean it is not there, does it? :p

  3. Hi Joonas,

    Yes, there is a driver, of course, already packed into the OS. So the be absolutely precise one should say that no extra driver has to be installed, its plug and play 🙂


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