Ovi Maps is Almost a Web App…

Screenshot-Maps - Mozilla Firefox-2 If program is a web app and runs in a web browser it doesn't really matter what kind of OS you use, right? No, that's unfortunately not quite the case as I recently discovered with Ovi Maps.

One of the reasons I went through the pain of upgrading Ovi Maps on my N95 and the long wait to get my 2.5 GB of map data update on the mobile was to be able to synch locations and routes between the mobile and the PC. But when I tried to log into Ovi maps on my PC running Ubuntu I was greeted with a "sorry, Linux is not supported, please use a browser on the PC or the Mac". What!?

In the meantime, Nokia seems to have made an important step forward concerning cross platform compatibility and the main functionality, showing maps and synchronizing favorites now works with Firefox under Ubuntu Linux. Thanks very much for that Nokia! 3D landmark visualization and route calculation, however, still end up in that nasty "sorry, not supported" dialogue. 

Anyone aware of what kind of technology they are using that requires special OS platform support?

One thought on “Ovi Maps is Almost a Web App…”

  1. Silverlight?

    Or this could very well just be stupidity.

    You could try a firefox plugin that changes your user agent to firefox for windows the site might work just fine.

    User agent hacking helped me to be able to use plenty of sites that said not to work with Safari on my Mac.

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