Fraunhofer IMS Workshop 2009 in Berlin – A Quick Recap

Already back in November 2009, the 5th IMS Workshop organized by Prof. Thomas Magedanz of the Fraunhofer Research Institute FOKUS took place in Berlin. Unfortunately I couldn't attend this year but the good news is that most of the conference slide packages are available on their website after registration. Honestly, I wanted to blog earlier about it but I first wanted to have a look at some of the presentations myself so I could add a personal touch to the post. Not so easy as the conference was packed with exciting presentations so it took me a while before I could find a couple of hours.

Unlike the name of the conference suggests, the presentations were not all about IMS but rather about how the IMS could potentially fit into the ecosystem and how it could potentially provide a link between the telecom and the Internet world. As one presenter pointed out in his presentation, the telecoms world is pretty much on an evolutionary path while applications born in the Internet space are usually done so in a revolutionary way. Without some special glue, the worlds don't fit together very well and a lot of friction is created.

Here's an overview of the conference and workshop streams, each with a number presentations. If it sounds interesting, head over and take a closer look (the link to the presentations is on the top left side of the page):

  • Workshop 1: Facing the Technology and Landscape beyond Voice
  • Workshop 2: IPTV & Media Convergence
  • Workshop 3: Future Internet – What Can We Use Today?
  • Workshop 4: NGMN – From Vision To Reality
  • Conference Session 1: IMS as a Convergence Platform
  • Conference Session 2: Rich Media
  • Conference Session 3: Keynote from Henning Schulzrinne: Preventing Congestion Collapse of SIP Servers
  • Conference Session 4: NGN and Future Internet

An if that wasn't enough there were even more presentations given during an additional event the day after which was called "NGN Service Delivery Platforms & Service Overlay Networks". Again, the presentation slides can be found online.

Great stuff, I hope I can be there in 2010.