How to Start Browsing on the Mobile Device More Quickly

3G is fast but it has a weakness in my eyes that is especially relevant for mobile web
browsing: When browsing to a page after having been idle for a long
time, the radio interface is in idle state and re-establishing a
bearer takes several seconds. In practice that means one has to wait
for the first page for quite some time. But there could be a simple
solution for this: Most of the time when I deactivate the keylock of
my mobile device I perform an online activity right afterwards such
as selecting the web browser and going to a new page. So instead of
waiting with the radio interface channel establishment until I select
the page, the phone could already establish the radio channel when I
unlock the phone. Agreed, if it does that and I do something else
after deactivating the keylock such as looking up something in my
device based calender, some energy and radio interface capacity is
wasted. But I'd be willing to make this compromise.

One thought on “How to Start Browsing on the Mobile Device More Quickly”

  1. Interesting. Non-iDen PTT clients did a similar work around to make the connection more “real-time”. When you opened your buddy list (or equivalent) the connections to the PTT server and your buddies were setup while you browsed your list.

    in the case that you describe, the operators may not appreciate the signaling load and overhead if you do not do anything. Consider some devices where there are a number of applications on the device not needing an internet connection…

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