The Future of Communications

I like CTOs who have a vision that goes beyond what might or might not be possible in the immediate future. One of those is definitely my ex-boss John Roese who's come up with two blog posts on how the future of communications could/should look like (see here and here). His approach is interesting: Let's stop thinking about how the technology we have today enables us to communicate. Rather, take a step back an think about how it should be or how you would like it to be without regard as to how that could be implemented with today's or tomorrow's technology you might be aware of. Two truly thought provoking blog entries, highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “The Future of Communications”

  1. John is always a pleasure to watch, listen to or read the thoughts. gets some creative juices flowing

  2. Excellent stuff, exciting and inspiring, along a similar note I read a really interesting Guardian article by Vint Cerf on the future of communication, the web and the end of television.

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