Types of Innovation – Practical, Radical, Incremental

The vast majority of the reports on the Mobile World Congress are usually on new and shiny mobile devices and also on the show floor, booths of device manufacturers usually draw the biggest crowds. But in overall terms, new mobiles are only a tiny little island in the vast sea of innovation shown each year at the MWC.

Case in point: Have a look at the list of interesting discoveries Ajit Jaokar has made over this year's congress in Barcelona. Not only the list but also his categories are interesting. He groups the things he mentions in three innovation categories:

  • Practical Innovation
  • Radical Innovation
  • Incremental Innovation

Second case in point: Here's a 60 seconds video of how I experienced the Mobile World Congress, being more interested in things that are a bit less main stream from a general population point of view. Thanks to my publisher, John Wiley & Sons, for putting the clip together.