What’s Your Experience With OperaMini on the iPhone?

Looks like Apple has decided to let OperaMini into their AppStore and within just a couple of days it has become hugely successful according to Engadget here. Being a long time user of OperaMini and knowing about its strength and advantages in bandwidth constrained and high outage environments when moving in trains, cars, etc. I can imagine why everybody seems to rush to it. But not having an iPhone myself I'd be interested from you what your experiences are if you tried it!

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Experience With OperaMini on the iPhone?”

  1. well, I’m using it occasionally, but didn’t notice advantages in speed or reliability. I still use safari more often, and should say, I feel more comfortable on safari. Maybe I just need more time to work on it. Sorry for subjective opinion though :).

  2. short speedtest with O2 UMTS:

    loading macnews.de
    safari: 30s till I can read the first article, 90s to load it complete
    opera: 30s till I can read the first article, 50s to load it complete

    loading Spiegel.de
    safari: 15s till I can read the first article, 30s to load it complete
    opera: 25s till I can read the first article, 25s to load it complete, but
    it loads only the mobile version of the webpage, what is annoying, even I configured opera to load the standard web page

    so no reason for me to switch to opera (at least to this version) on the iPhone

  3. Been a long time opera mini user (at least 7 years !!) and iPhone for the past 2 years – after Safari Opera Mini just seems bland, in-sufficient, but does load pages faster specially on a 2G/EDGE network. So I am using OperaMini only when I lose my 3G coverage, and in Singapore, where I live, it doesn’t happen that often. Few things need to be fixed, but overall experience is quite poor compared to Safari. In my opinion that is the main reason Apple released it !!

  4. Hi Martin,

    My better half (whom says hello by-the-way!) has used it alot on her iPhone. Her main issue with it is it seems to be recognised as a mobile browser via the user-agent and gets served a mobile version of the site in question. Where the default (but horrible) Safari always gets served the “full page”. (Something she has written about here: http://is.gd/ceCtQ – sorry for the plug :))

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