German Spectrum Auction Trickels Along at 3.2 Billion

23 auction days, 186 rounds and there is still no end in sight in the German Spectrum auction for 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 GHz frequencies.

While for some time, there was hectic bidding for spectrum in the 800 MHz digital dividend band, things seem to be settled there for the moment as there hasn't been any movement there since day 16. If things remain there as they are right now, all four network operators will own spectrum for around €420 million per 2×5 MHz slot. Vodafone and T-Mobile each hold slots each while Telefonica/O2 and E-Plus
(KPN) each hold one slot. Out of the €3.2 billion currently in the pot, €2.5 billion are for the 800 MHz band. In other words, all the rest can be had for cheap.

Since bidding in the 800 MHz band has halted, things have been trickling along. Since day 16, the total sum has 'only' increased by €0.4 billion. The auction will only resume next Monday due to a public holiday in Germany on Thursday. So how much longer will it still drag out? I hope not too long anymore…