LTE Voice Takes A Break From the Break

A couple of days ago I wrote the "LTE Voice Takes a Break" post musing on the fact that for some time there hasn't been a lot of news on any of the proposed voice over LTE solutions, potentially because everyone is waiting for devices with which they can demonstrate their solution. But it seems the VOLGA-Forum has pressed ahead internally and continued working on its specs. The latest update now includes SIM-less emergency calling over VOLGA, making the solution even more robust by not even requiring a circuit switched network for such emergency situations. Also, they've introduced means to use the VOLGA architecture over HSPA, introduced optimized voice bearer routing (have to take a closer look as to exactly what that is, or maybe someone can leave a comment below) and have defined some APIs for LTE handsets (also not sure yet what they will be used for). So its good to see these incremental additions coming while everyone is waiting for LTE handsets.