Three 3G Bands Used in Australia and the US

In most countries around the world there is only one or at most two 3G bands in use. In Europe, Africa and Asia, 2100 MHz is the prime band (not counting China) and a few countries such as France and Finland also use the 900 MHz band for 3G. But there is also regions where 3G is used in three bands: In North America it is 850, 1900 MHz and 1700/2100 MHz. And in Australia it is 850, 900 and 2100 MHz. Any country you can think of in which more than 3 frequencies are used for UMTS?

4 thoughts on “Three 3G Bands Used in Australia and the US”

  1. Hi David,

    I checked the 1.7 GHz band of eMobile and Huawei is doing a 3G USB stick for that band. Ive seen a Blackberry for the 8×0 MHz band of NTT DoCoMo and on their website they point out which mobiles are capable of this band so this is covered as well. Leaves the 1500 MHz of Softbank. Havent ventured to their web page yet to see if and which devices they offer for it.


  2. Hi David, Martin,

    Softbank is using 1500 for test purposes as for DoCoMo they will shut down their 2G network, if I am not mistaken, by 2012 (David, you are right about the usage of that band). Actually DoCoMo is using 1700 also. Their last product (Hikari Portable) is compatible with EMobile’s network too. Sorry for the confusion.

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