Current Cell-PCH state in Italy

On of the shortcomings of current 3G networks compared to fixed line Internet connections is that to save power and network resources, most networks today put the connection into Idle state from which it takes considerable time (around 2.5-3 seconds) to come back into a fully active state. A solution for this is the Cell-PCH state from which the mobile can return into a more active state in less than a second. However, this state is not activated in many networks yet. For details on the topic see here, here and here. Lately, I have discovered that there are a number of live networks who have begun using Cell-PCH.

The latest example is Vodafone in Italy in some areas (e.g. in Rome, but not in Naples). While the other three networks in the country put the connection in Idle state after around 5-6 seconds in DCH state and around 30 seconds in Cell-FACH state, the Vodafone network puts the packet connection to my mobile into Cell-PCH state after having been in the fully active state for 5-6 seconds and 5-6 seconds in the Cell-FACH state afterwards. As my N95 does not support fast dormancy, I much prefer this behavior as my battery noticeably lasts longer and reaction times after reading a web page on the device for more than 30 seconds is much faster.