Data Roaming Prices and Opera Mini Use In Europe

This year for the first time, data roaming prices in Europe are for the first time low enough for my mobile device Internet use, which is mostly Opera Mini and e-mail. With a still high price of around 2 Euros per megabyte, I wouldn't dare using it with a computer but for mobile browsing using compression and fine-tuned e-mail settings I use about 1 to 2 MB a day. That saves me the pain of carrying two devices simultaneously. Obviously for the notebook, I still prefer a local SIM card with a data option. But from a consumer point of view we are on a good way. I wonder how long it will take before I will dare using my home SIM card with a notebook, too!?

One thought on “Data Roaming Prices and Opera Mini Use In Europe”

  1. Martin,

    I agree that things have gotten better, but not great. What I have been unable to find is a guide for limiting traffic when you do hook up your notebook to the mobile network. Maybe the best solution at the moment is to ramp up the firewall so that it blocks all outgoing connections and asks you when a program attempts to access. Not that long ago, like many others I blew through 20Euros in a few minutes because my antivirus program decided to update. To a lesser extent, this is also a problem on phones. I currently have an Android device where I would like much greater control over when it is roaming.

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