Skype Screen Sharing Over 2 UMTS Links

I’ve been using Skype for many years now for voice and video calls and occasionally both I and the called party are connected via UMTS to the network and things are working very well. The problem with such connections usually is that both ends are behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) router, so direct connections between two PCs, for example for screen sharing via VNC, does not work. As the NAT gateway is on the network operator’s side on both ends, neither party can configure port forwarding to establish a direct connection. But recently I found at least a partial solution. Unknown to me for many years, Skype includes a screen sharing option that lets a user share the full screen or individual windows. Works great in practice even over two UMTS links. The only thing that is missing is the possibility to not only watch what the other side is doing but to be able to use the mouse and keyboard as well. That can’t be to difficult to implement but Skype hasn’t done that yet. So I hope we’ll see it in the future.