The Changing User Base Of Smartphones

When you are a bit bored next time you are in a public place have a look around to see what kinds of mobile devices which people use today. A couple of years ago, smartphones were early adopter toys and mobile Internet practically unknown and undesired by the general public. Today, the picture is totally different. I have to admit that I am still surprised when I see people who are likely to be in their 60s with an iPhone browsing the web. But it's by far not an exception anymore. That also means that the target audience for smartphones has significantly shifted from only half a decade ago. Not a homogeneous early adopter audience anymore but anyone from student to retiree has now become a 'real' customer in this segment.

One thought on “The Changing User Base Of Smartphones”

  1. Agree 100%. The tipping point was in 2010. Just take the example of my company policy. Until mid 2010, Smart phones were reserved to sales people or high level managers.
    Since then, all employees are allowed to order smart phones. Even if the list is limited (no iPhone for example), still decent models are available such as HTC Mozart or HTC Desire.

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