Facetime and Skype Video Quality

Today I read an article on the video quality of Facetime and Skype on an iPad2 here (sorry, article is in German). For both, the author came to the conclusion that the video quality is quite bad compared to Skype on a PC. So I wonder why this is so!? Perhaps it has something to do with the available processing power? I can observe similar things on my netbook where Skype video resolution and quality is far behind what I get on my fully-fledged notebook, despite the processor almost running at 100%. While things are probably not going to change on my Atom based netbook with a weak GPU, I wonder if the graphics GPUs built into mobile devices will be able to help in the near future with encoding and decoding the combined real time audio and video stream? I think it's quite an application. Let's see what Google has to say when they release their own video calling application on Android devices soon.