No RSS Button By Default In Firefox 4

Today I wanted to add a feed to my feed-reader of a website I newly discovered but couldn’t find the RSS symbol being displayed next to the URL of the page in Firefox 4. Could it be that the web site has no RSS feed? It turned out that the page did have a feed but that the RSS symbol / button was removed from the default settings in Firefox 4. It can be added manually again by right-clicking on a free part of the navigation toolbar, selecting “customize” and then drag and drop the RSS icon into the toolbar. So I wonder what this means!? Is the discovery of new RSS feeds a function only used by a tiny fraction of users or, in other words, has reading blogs and news web sites via aggregators not really picked up?

2 thoughts on “No RSS Button By Default In Firefox 4”

  1. RSS in firefox never been an example of efficiency.
    After testing several, google reader is my favorite !

  2. It was a huge controversy back when it was still in beta. Most people who use RSS, myself included, are more technically inclined so this likely isn’t going to make a huge impact.

    In most cases if you simply add a site’s URL to Google Reader, they’ll pick up the feed.

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