A Heap Of Devices and A Single Hotel Wi-Fi Logon

Here's an interesting development that's going to bug hotel guests and owners equally soon: Many hotels these days offer Wi-Fi, some as part of the room price, some for an extra fee. Many of them give out individual codes so the Wi-Fi can be used with a single device. However, with Wi-Fi capable devices such as smartphones and especially pads, more and more hotel guests will show up with several devices requiring network access. And let's say you come with your family so the count certainly doesn't end with two devices. It's going to be interesting how hotels will adapt to the change in user behavior.

One thought on “A Heap Of Devices and A Single Hotel Wi-Fi Logon”

  1. Yeah it’s true that some hotels do not charge for Wi-fi. But if the scenario mentioned above happens, then will certainly start collecting Wi-fi fees as well.

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