Text For Your Car

Text-your-car Here's a cool yet very simple SMS based service I recently tried, "Text For Your Car": In a hotel I recently stayed I used valet parking after searching for a parking space myself in the neighborhood without success for a while. While handing over the car, I got the card on the left with a mobile number on it I could send my parking-id to when I wanted my car to be retrieved and waiting for me when leaving the hotel. I gave it a try and within seconds, I got a confirmation back that the car would be retrieved. Sure, one could have also called ahead but sometimes I just prefer text based communication.

One thought on “Text For Your Car”

  1. I like the idea; I also prefer to text instead of having to call someone to pick up my car. There are a few shopping centers here in L.A that allow customers to text to pick up their rides etc.

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