Finally An Update I Liked

Most of us don't like change, especially when it comes to computers. Most people like what they have and dread security or feature updates because they could break something that already works. But they are a necessary "evil" because security updates keep us, well, more secure and feature updates in the majority of cases improve computing. I can well remember the days of DOS and there's no way I ever want to go back there so at least some of those at first unloved updates do something good in the long run.

But still, most updates are a pain and I can't remember when I last updated something because I really wanted to. But now I have at least one counter example. Recently, I noticed that the latest version of TightVNC, a remote desktop viewer I've been using for a decade at least was finally integrated to run as a service in Windows 7. What sounds benign at first turns out to be a major productivity increase. Ever since Windows 7 appeared on the computers I remotely administer, I couldn't do some things without human intervention on site as all security confirmation dialog boxes were off limits to user level programs. Very frustrating at times. So now TightVNC runs as a service and I can remotely acknowledge security notifications, I can even reboot and log on from the login screen. I'm ecstatic, finally an update I like! Time for Windows 8 to mess things up again.

One thought on “Finally An Update I Liked”

  1. why not using logmein? its free. runs stable and you can configure it to send you a second PIN by email before you can login… (two-factor auth)


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