What Doesn’t Get Done Without The Daily Commute

Spring has kept us waiting here in Germany for quite long this year. At some point in March I was so fed up with standing on icy cold train station platforms so I decided to take the car for a couple of days and rather endure the traffic jams. While that has certainly helped against the cold weather I noticed to my surprise after a week that my personal email inbox kept getting bigger and bigger and my blogging rhythm had significantly slowed down. I would have thought I'd implicitly reinvest the time I save taking the car into doing these tasks at  different time of the day. But no, that time just went somewhere else. So while commuting with the train usually takes longer than going to work by car this experience shows quite nicely that it is definitely not wasted time at all. Quite the contrary. In other words, working on these things while on the move is not limiting due to less space, more noisy environment, etc. but rather enabling!