My Mobile Data Use Last Month

And just a quick follow up to the previous post on my fixed line data use last month, here are some numbers on my mobile data use last month. According to Android's data monitor I've used 367 MB after 439 MB the month before. The number includes:

  • 135 MB for mobile web browsing (due to not using Opera Mini anymore)
  • 55 MB for Google maps (very handy to check traffic on the way from and to work to decide on using alternative routes on a realtime basis)
  • 33 MB Youtube
  • 27 MB for email
  • 20 MB for streaming podcasts.
  • App downloads accounted for 17 MB (new Opera browser)
  • Calendar and address book synchronization required 10 MB

Not included is the data I use for using my notebook on the way to and from work as I use a different SIM card for that purpose for which I have no records. But even if I included that I am pretty sure I would still be well below the 1 GB throttling threshold I have on my current mobile contract.

From a different point of view, however, my mobile data use pales compared to the 70 GB I transferred over my VDSL line at home last month.