Were There Computer Learning Kits for Teenagers In Your Country?

There's one thing I have been wondering about while enjoying my recent trips back in time to the 1980's and computer learning kits: Were there similar kits in other countries around the globe tailored for teaching teenagers how computers work (vs. how to work with computers)?

In German speaking countries there were three different kits (Philips 6400, Busch 2090 and the Kosmos CP1) sold mainly via toy stores (yes!). So I searched the net a bit in the languages I am able to understand if I could find similar kits having been sold in other countries but came up pretty much empty handed. Perhaps this is due to the way I searched and the keywords I used but it's difficult to believe this was only something that happened in a few German speaking countries in Europe.

As many of you must have also grown up in the 1980's perhaps you still remember something that could point me in the right direction. If so, please consider leaving a comment!

One thought on “Were There Computer Learning Kits for Teenagers In Your Country?”

  1. I grew up on PDPs and Apple II. My high school had CS courses and that is where I learned. I also had a TImex Sinclair 1000. WRT kits, my electronics class in high school had a kit but I cannot recall the name of it but it is similare to the kits you mention. You had to hand assemble and key everything in via a HEX keypad.

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