A Skype Video Call at 5 MBit/s

While many users have fast DSL lines at home when it comes to the downlink, uplink speeds are typically still very limited. While many might argue that unless you run servers at home (which I do, e.g. Owncloud, Selfoss, Prosody…) this is hardly noticeable I have to disagree now that I have seen how a Skype video call looks like when both sides of the connection have an uplink that allows them to transmit at faster than 1 Mbit/s. The video resolution, quality and frame refresh rate are as stunning as the bandwidth taken once Skype notices what the network can provide. Quite a number of my video calls these days now stream at an uplink/downlink aggregate of 5 Mbit/s. In othr words such video calls consume 2.25 GB of data per hour. Compare that full two hour movies in SD quality I download from my online video recorder that have a mere 1.5 GB per file.

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