The Map On Paper In the Car On The Way Out

I always like to have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong. For that reason I have kept a paper map of Europe in the car, just in case there's a problem with the maps and navigation app on my smartphone de jour. But recently I noticed that I can't remember when I've last taken it out!?

Honestly I can't and it must be close to 10 years that I haven't used it. This, the fact that the map must now be pretty out of date anyway and usually having more than one device that can run a navigation app with me these days make me think that the map is about to be discarded. Or perhaps I should keep it for historical reasons? The last paper map I bought…

Like telephone booths and coins that are fading away it's one of these things which mobile devices, mobile voice and mobile Internet access have made superfluous. Can you remember the last time you've used a paper map for navigation or orientation?

2 thoughts on “The Map On Paper In the Car On The Way Out”

  1. Like you I keep one (Europe’s roads) in the car “just in case”. It’s been there for three years, but I’ve not used it once. I still have an old UK road atlas from the 80’s. It’s quite interesting to see how the country has developed, so I’ll keep my paper map of Europe to look at when I’m old and grey.

  2. Well, last year in Iceland, where google maps has not arrived yet. In continental Europe… I guess I have not used a paper map in 3-4 years, when the mobile data became more and more popular.

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