How To Get A SIM For Internet Access At Hong Kong Airport

I've been to Hong Kong recently and as I like to try out local networks and also to have a plan B just in case the hotel Wi-Fi is crappy I wanted to buy a SIM card at Hong Kong airport of one of the local network operators. It turns out that Hong Kong is one of the places where it's quite easy to get a SIM at the airport. A Google search brought me over to this recent blog entry that describes a number of options.

The blog entry recommended One2Free, an MVNO on the CSL network who offers a weekly all you can eat data plan on a prepaid SIM for 79 HK dollars which is around €8. Getting the SIM card took me about 10 minutes and in the five days I was in Hong Kong, I almost burned through a gigabyte of data for everything from email to Skype video calling without the connection being throttled at some point. Data rates were o.k. with up- and downlink speeds in the 3-4 Mbit/s range, thanks in part to the CSL in-house coverage in my hotel.

And it turned out that I was in dire need for a plan B as the hotel Wi-Fi network was slow in the evening to be positive about it and in addition my company VPN couldn't connect through that network. A colleague from another company had a similar problem. Over the CSL 3G connection, the VPN worked just fine. I'd say those were 10 very worthwhile minutes at the airport.