100 Gigabit/s Ethernet Backhaul At The Upcoming CCC Conference

… yes you read right, the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress will have a 100 Gbit/s Ethernet backhaul. When I first read it in the press I had a hard time to believe it but here's the original blog post on the CCC's web site (and they know what they are talking about…)

Last year's congress was attended by 6000 participants. If you divide one value by the other that's 16 Mbit/s per participant if everybody suddenly decided to download something at the same time. As this will unlikely be the case during any moment during the conference you can imagine what kind of connectivity experience one will have there. Unfortunately I've never been able to adapt to their timing. Next year perhaps.

Let's be a bit crazy and compare the 100 Gigabit/s link to, let's say the aggregate throughput of Vodafone Germany on new year's eve 2011 which I calculated was 7.9 Gbit/s. And the fixed line interconnect traffic of the German incumbent the same day peaked at 1.800 Gbit/s as reported here.

100 Gbit/s for 6000 congress participants. Sounds like a very very fat pipe indeed!