The Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki Surfaces Again At WikiFoundry

Back in April 2013 the Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki I started many years ago suddenly vanished from the cloud. At the time it was hosted by Wetpaint and I found no way to contact them to find out what happened. Bitten by the cloud, yet again… When I recently searched something on the Internet I suddenly rediscovered the Wiki again, this time hosted on WikiFoundry!

It seems the Wetpaint wikis were at some point bought by WikiFoundry and they put the Prepaid Wireless Internet wiki back online. Gee, well thanks for that! It looks like it hasn't been discovered by many, as there haven't been many modifications since then. But my login data was still valid there so I can still (or again?) administer the site. The new 'owner' was also nice enough to provide an export option. Thanks, that's great, just in case this arrangement doesn't last, either.

So there we go, I've put a link to the Wiki back on the blog and hope it will be used as it was in the 'old days'.

2 thoughts on “The Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki Surfaces Again At WikiFoundry”

  1. What about exporting it and importing it to some Self-Raspi-Hosted Wiki?

    Just to be sure it will never be offline again! 😉

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