Wireless Data Usage Stats Comparison – New Year’s Eve 2011 and 2013

Two years ago, Vodafone Germany reported that they had transported 25 terabytes of data on New Year's Eve 2011 between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. That was an average throughput of 7.93 Gbit/s as I calculated at the time. For the same period in 2013, Vodafone now has again given out numbers and the comparison is quite interesting. According to this report on Teltarif, the data traffic this time was 66 terabyte, which translates into an average throughput of 21 Gbit/s. An impressive increase perhaps partly also due to their efforts to provide high speed Internet access in underserved rural areas via LTE. In terms of yearly growth rate that's a CAGR (compound anual growth rate) of 62.7%.