Owncloud 6 Improvements I’ve Noticed and What I’d Like to See In OC7

In early January I've updated my Raspberry Owncloud installation from Ownclud 5 to Owncloud 6. So far, everything continues to run smoothly and I noticed some nice improvements. In Owncloud 5 and before, using the web based address book was a bit of a pain as the icons for each address book entry was requested separately and the Raspberry Pi is a bit slow to respond. This has much improved in Owncloud 6, they seem to be all requested and loaded together now, which significantly reduces the load time.

Further, OC 6 introduces thumbnails for files which are generated from their actual content. Sounds nice but on a processing power limited Raspberry Pi it slows things down. Fortunately there's a configuration option to disable thumbnail use. So as far as the address book is concerned OC 6 is faster than it's predecessor and all other functions have not slowed down, despite the massive code increase of OC 6 over OC 5.

What I'd like to see in OC 7 is some optimization for processing power limited systems as I imagine that many people use it on Raspberry Pi's at home as the device is small, cheap and fan-less.

Which makes me wonder: Who of you reading this blog is using Owncloud as well?

4 thoughts on “Owncloud 6 Improvements I’ve Noticed and What I’d Like to See In OC7”

  1. I also use Owncloud on a Raspberry, so far only version 5.
    – Is there anything special to take care of before migrating? Did you use specific instructions?
    – And how do you perform backup?

  2. Hi Volker,

    there are instructions on the OwnCloud homepage that describe the update
    process, worked great for me. Before every upgrade / udpate I make a
    backup of the full SD card (via the Linux dd command) so in case
    something goes wrong I can go back to the last running version and have
    all my data and config still in place 🙂

    Kind regards,

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