A New Hotel Wi-Fi Distributor Dongle – The Asus WL-330 N150

Asus-hotspotPretty much exactly one year ago I had a post about a new handy little gadget from Edimax to distribute the hotel Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to all my devices. It's convenient, I don't have to type in passwords on all devices and in case I have no choice but having to select a hotel with paid Wi-Fi a single payment enables access for all devices. Over time I came to use the little Wi-Fi router a lot but it has its quirks and I often ended up pressing the factory reset button and fiddling around with the configuration for a while before I got it working. At some point I felt it was time to have a look if there are other alternatives available in the meantime. And indeed there are now.

In the end I chose the Asus WL-330 N150 as it is almost as small as the previous one and cost around €30. So far it does its job quite well. Setting it up for use when arriving at the hotel is still a bit tricky. The average user wouldn't have a lot of fun with it as the device is sometimes a bit slow to react before the web based interface shows up and does what was requested. But once set up the Wi-Fi connectivity seems to be stable, at least in the two hotels I've tried it out so far.

So let's see if this one is more stable than the last one.

One thought on “A New Hotel Wi-Fi Distributor Dongle – The Asus WL-330 N150”

  1. did you look at the various devices available from tp-link like the TL-WR702N or the TL-MR3040 before settling on the asus?

    i bought the edimax based on your recommendation and like you i’ve been underwhelmed by its usability. still looking …

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