Raspi, Ubuntu and Co and How They Compare to Cooking vs. Instant Food

The title of this post is perhaps a bit long winded but it contains an interesting analogy I've recently come up with when I was explaining the concept of hosting my own cloud services at home to a friend rather than using similar services of large Internet based companies.

Having my own cloud services at home and maintaining them vs. using services of Internet based companies to me is like doing some real cooking versus just consuming instant food. Internet based companies offer services that are relatively easy to install and use, i.e. that's quite similar to instant food that heats up in microwave in a few minutes. There's a price to pay, however, less tasty in case of fast food, perhaps, and sharing your private data for analysis and use by an Internet company in the other.

Hosting your own services at home is obviously more work just as preparing a meal from fresh ingredients is more work. However, my data remains private and secure which is similar to a self prepared meal which is more tasty if the cook knows what he is doing.

I like the analogy because it also fits when people say "great that you do it but I lack the skills and time of doing it myself". I hear the same argument when people talk about instant food vs. cooking. Sure If you've never stood in front of a stove before, learning how to cook is likely to be a challenge and someone to help getting you started is surely a good thing. The same is true for hosting your own services at home or switching to an opern source operating system such as Ubuntu Linux.

To summarize: Yes, when it comes to using cloud based services and operating systems I definitely prefer cooking to instant food.