The Selfoss Advantage – Full Articles Instead of RSS Stumps

And here's another post on Selfoss, my RSS server at home that aggregates the news and posts from the websites I'm interested in: What I only realized when going through the code is that for a number of predefined news websites, the server does not only grab the content of the RSS feed but actually downloads the text of the full article linked in the RSS feed and inserts it in my reading list. That's particularly useful when I read my news stream on a mobile device as especially in this scenario I'm not fond of having to open up new tabs and having to wait for a full desktop size web page to download. A really nice feature!

Unfortunately this functionality requires dedicated code for each web site as all the 'custom clutter' around an article's text needs to be removed. But again, open source shines in this regard. As there are a few web sites on my reading list that only offer text stubs in their RSS feed and overblown web pages that take too long to download I decided to something about it. So I recently spent some time extending Selfoss a bit to expand to the full text content for those feeds. Once done and tested I learned how to use GIT and Github and offered my code via a 'pull request' to the Selfoss project. And indeed, my code will be part of version 2.11 to be published soon.

I really like open source 🙂

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  1. Awesome! What kind of “spout” (iirc thats what the project calls these custom “grabbers”) did you write?

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