The Selfoss RSS Reader – Half A Year Later

SelfossAt the beginning of 2013, Google announced that they would shut down their Google Reader RSS service in June and so they did. Many were not amused, including me at first, but it was an incentive to make myself independent of yet another one of the few centralized cloud services I used – by setting up my own RSS server at home. After looking around I opted for Selfoss as it looked easy to use and had all the functions I required.

Some things come and go, but Selfoss has stayed. Except for a small hiccup once it keeps doing its job marvelously and even when I'm somewhere without 3G or LTE coverage and have to fall back to GPRS/EDGE, the posts remain perfectly readable as images in the posts are only loaded if a button is pressed.

Thanks Tobias (Zeising), an excellent program I can fully recommend!