Were My Raspberry Servers Heartbleed Vulnerable?

Last week, I patched my Raspberry Pi based web servers in a hurry to make sure they are not vulnerable to a Heartbleed attack anymore. I decided to do this quickly as a check of the Openssl library on my servers showed that a vulnerable version was installed. What I couldn't check at the time was if my web servers actually used the library for SSL encryption. I only later discovered that there were tools available to do just that but by then my servers were already patched. So after returning home from a business trip I decided that I wanted to know.

I frequently create full backups of my servers which is pretty simple with Raspberry Pis as SD cards are used as storage medium. These can be cloned to a backup file and restored to a SD card later on with a simple 'dd' command. As expected the installation was vulnerable to Heartbleed. The whole exercise took less than 30 minutes of which 20 minutes were spent by waiting for the dd command to finish the restore to the SD card. Pretty cool timing for making a full server restore.

One thought on “Were My Raspberry Servers Heartbleed Vulnerable?”

  1. What I’d really like to know is whether the vulnerability was exploited… probably hard to find out.

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