A Quick Book Review: Rogue Code by Mark Russinovich

Back in October 2012 I wrote a raving review about ‘Trojan Horse’, a fictional cyber-crime story by Mark Russinovich, one of the very few writers who gets the technical details right. A lot has happened since then and living in a post-Snowden era I was a bit skeptical if I could still enjoy a cyber-crime / cyber-espionage novel. Fortunately, Mark’s latest novel, Rogue Code, is more about cyber-crime than about cyber-espionage as the plot focuses on a heist to steal money from the New York Stock Exchange. Being an engineer I wasn’t really sure if I would enjoy a novel about the NYSE so my skepticism continued. But then I really liked his previous two novels so I decided to go for it. And I wasn’t disappointed! The plot starts a bit slow perhaps but I was quickly hooked again and finally had to read the second half of the novel in one piece. As in his previous books he accurately describes the technology bits and does it in a way that geeks know exactly what he’s talking about while less geeky readers will not be turned-off. Kudos to Mark, Rogue Code is another great book and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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