How To Block Software Updates While Traveling On My VPN Access Point

In a previous post I've described how today's smartphones and tablets take Wi-Fi connectivity as an invitation for downloading large amounts of data for software updates and other things without user interaction. This is particularly problematic in Wi-Fi tethering scenarios and when using slow hotel Wi-Fi networks when traveling. But at least in the later case I can fix things by adding banned URLs in the 'hosts' file on my Raspberry Pi based VPN Wi-Fi Travel Router. After changing the hosts file, a quick restart of the DNS server on the router via 'sudo service dnsmasq restart' is required.

Over time, my hosts file has grown quite a bit since I first started to use it as a line of defense against unwanted advertising, privacy invasions and software downloads. Here's my current list:   localhost

#Prevent the device to contact Google all the time

#Amazon is really nosy, too…

#No need for Opera to call home all the time

#Some more 'services' I don't need

#Prevent automatic OS updates for a number of vendors

#Ad blocking