“Commodore: The Amiga Years” book on Kickstarter – Only 3 Days Left

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading "Commodore – A Company On the Edge", a book by Brian Bagnall about the early years of Commodore in the computer business up to 1984 and the success of the C64. I could hardly resist as the C64 was the first computer I owned. At the end of the book I wished the sequel about the later years of Commodore and the Amiga, which was my second computer I owned, would also have been already published. Now it seems that my wish could be fulfilled rather sooner than later as Brian has a campaign over at Kickstarter for his upcoming project.

Originally set out for a sum of 15.000 Canadian dollar, the project has attracted quite some attention and the pledged sum, as of this writing and including my own backing is at 73.800 Canadian dollars! A respectable sum and I'm really happy to see that even books for such an arguably niche audience can still get great funding this way and make it worthwhile for the author to work on such a monumental project.

There's less than 3 days left to participate in the Kickstarter campaign as I write this post so if you are a computing history buff you better hurry!

via The Digital Antiquarian