The Martian – A Book Review

O.k. this is a bit out of the ordinary on this blog, but apart computers and networks I’m also interested in spaceflight. Over the weekend I’ve come come across “The Martian” by Andy Weir due to a recommendation of an online ebook store and found it so outstanding that I had to write a few words about it here…

The story is about an astronaut in the near future stranded on Mars after a mission abort has gone horribly wrong and about his quest to survive until he can be picked up. Finally a book about Mars again that is not about astronauts encountering hostile aliens that want to kill them. What stands out is not only the storyline with lots of turns, twists and surprises, but also how closely the story is weaved around NASA’s plans to send humans to Mars and the technology existing and under development. Also, the writing style and the protagonist’s character and humor make this book a page turner. I usually take my time reading books but I went through this in two days (i.e. nights) flat. I just couldn’t put it down, it’s an extraordinary piece of work. 10 thumbs up!

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  1. I also read that book some months back after Christian recommended it (btw: hi, i’m quite sure you’re reading here too ;)).

    I had the same experience: you can not put that book away. And you hate yourself the next morning when you have to get up early, but you already look forward to continue to read.

    What impressed me most was the plausible and good description of the science. Like what chemicals are mixed and what process/method is used to produce e.g. oxygen (apparently already forgot the details 🙁 ).

    The story is really thrilling and i look forward to the movie which hopefully comes out soon!

  2. If you like that, try “Red Mars” (and Green and then Blue Mars) which is about colonisation of Mars. The author did a lot of research to write the books.

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